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Each pouch provides separate pockets for their daily Books, Stationery, a designated net pocket, so pupils can drink freely throughout the day without leaving their chair or disrupting the class.

This proven innovative CLASSROOM CHAIR POUCH provides personal storage for each pupil, designed to reduce classroom and desk disorder, aiding Teacher control, therefore improving discipline. Simply pop the pouch on the chair back to provide easy accessible 'My Space' for their classroom items from a seated position.

The pouch is reported to be a valuable aid to Disabled, Partially Sighted and Special Needs children, which enables personal items to be at hand throughout the day without the need to move, or request help in accessing them, this gives them confidence, and helps to improve independence.

Please do look around the web-site at the product choices, news & views from schools that are actively using and benefiting by having the O.T.T. Pouch in the classrooms.

For an equivalent cost, can your ONE storage cabinet in the classroom provide you with all this?

View also at www.chairbag.co.uk

Who is buying and Why?
• Schools with Disabled SEN. and Partially Sighted pupils-To keep
daily and personal items close to hand without needing to leave
their seated position.

• Schools for outside learning-Simply take the chairs and filled pouch for
all their needs.

• Disruptive classrooms-Teachers keep control and discipline with
all the daily teaching needs on the rear of the chairs

• Temporary classrooms during refurbish-Take your classroom
(Anywhere there is a table) with just your chairs and pouch.

• Limited storage and space-A quick fix to create more space-Clear
side tables of trays, bottle crates and put them in the storage pouch.

• Untidy or disorganised classrooms-One lesson at a time-Keeps
tables neat and tidy by working with your storage pouch.

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